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Well here we are again at that fantastic time of the month with our latest Self-love Ambassador!  This time we have the lovely Jennifer Posada, Oracle, Teacher, Author, Sound Healer, Founder of The Oracle School & Community and The Sexual Woman Ecstatic Enlightenment Training (The S.w.e.e.t. Program).

Jennifer’s mission, since her earliest years, is to share teachings of self-love, as she believes that “The healing of the world will happen with one person loving themselves at a time…” (I couldn’t agree more!) 😉

It can seem trite when we hear the words ‘just love yourself’. How would you suggest that someone does this if they don’t know where to start?

I teach the approach to self-love through doing self-loving activities…doing anything that feels good, comforting or fun (in a nutshell, pleasurable!)  Rather than having to feel like we must weed out every negative thought we have, with self-loving action our thoughts begin to change on their own…along with everything else in our lives.  Truly, I am always saying that there is no more powerful force than self-love, and the world is going to change with one person loving themselves at a time.  The best way to start is to find out what makes you feel good, what comforts you, what feels fun or pleasurable.

For some it has been years since this kind of exploration was even a priority.  But, even for those who are excellent at knowing their own pleasure, this is an ever-deepening journey with new gifts around every turn!  So, once you have located even just a few things that feel good to you, I recommend making time for yourself to do something on that list every day!  Even if you can only steal five to ten minutes a day at first, if you are committed that time will grow and things in your life will change radically to support more of that yummy, juicy time for you!  On a good day you might be able to think of something that sounds fun or pleasurable, but even on a bad day you can usually think of something comforting to do.  As I always say, even crying on the floor is better with a pillow!  Always know you can turn back to comfort as a baseline for self-loving activity, no matter what dark times you may be moving through, and every bit of self-loving activity you do adds up over time in a magnificent way!

What’s the best self-love tip you have ever heard?

I like to call it radical self-acceptance, and it leads to falling totally in love with oneself.  It is the knowledge that you are perfect just exactly the way you are…that all of your emotions, even the ones you think of perhaps as negative or flawed, can be welcomed and honored because there are powerful gifts waiting within them, we need only trust ourselves to discover them, which occurs on its own as we learn how to fully feel again.  That means you can look forward to a life of feeling whole, and as if you have already arrived at your prized destination, even as you are still exploring and rejoicing in new desires!  You learn to trust your desire too.  You find out what feels right to you and doesn’t, and that simple knowledge changes absolutely everything about your choices, and your whole reality.  So, the tip is to attempt to love yourself just as you are, leaving no parts out, and begin to listen to what that self really knows and wants.

How do you bring yourself back into your heart when you are feeling down on yourself?

Well, as you might guess I turn to self-loving activities, and these are very specific to each person and the given moment and mood…but here are some of my personal favorite stand-bys!  I love getting on my bike and feeling the wind in my hair as I ride to see the beautiful ocean and smell the sweet, fresh air.  I love to dance, go to parties, laugh with friends, watch funny movies, teach my courses in self-love, intuition and sexuality, eat good foods, to make love and self-pleasure, to be with my animals, to be in nature, to have a great talk with a friend who understands deeply, music, singing, reading, looking at great magazines, sitting in the soft sun, spring flowers…oh my goodness I could go on!  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share and self-love to you all!  If you would like to connect with me you can visit, or you can also receive my free gift with so much more self-love goodness: “How to Fall Madly in Love with Yourself and Your Life in One Easy Step!” at my website.  Big self-loving kisses to everyone!

Thank you sooo much for that Jennifer.  I so completely agree about acknowledging the parts of ourselves that we feel are flawed or negative in any way – they certainly have the biggest gifts behind them.  One lucky reader is going to win a copy of Jennifer’s wonderful book The Oracle Within: Living the Intuitive Life.  Simply tell us in the comments box below which part of you, you have most resisted loving by 25th June.  Then go and give that part some loving right away! 😉



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