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"My definition of self-love is 100% self-responsibility - taking ownership for all that is occurring and stepping into empowerment."


This month's Self-love Ambassador

Self-love stories feature inspirational people who are working to promote the importance of self-love.

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Katie Pitsis – Free Spirit Girl

I’m delighted to introduce this month’s Self-love Ambassador, Katie Pitsis, an inspiring woman, wise beyond her years, who founded ‘Free Spirit Girl at 16 years old.

At the ripe old age of 21, she has supported thousands of girls and women globally with her work.  Katie Pitsis is an international speaker, a body image expert, a passion fuelled entrepreneur and writer. She is a life coach, a lover, a blogger, a teen behavioural expert, an inspiration addict, and an all-round life enthusiast. 

Check out this brief video of Katie talking about her services here.

‘Free Spirit Girl’ empowers amazing girls and women just like you, to let go of your limitations and negative beliefs, teaching you simple tools to deal with life’s challenges and inspires you to gain confidence, and unwavering self-belief, so you live the happiest and most empowered life possible.   So without further ado, let’s see what Katie has to say about self-love.

It can seem trite when we hear the words ‘just love yourself’. How would you suggest that someone does this if they don’t know where to start?

It’s a massive jump going from body loathing to total body lovin’. I personally believe that self-love and confidence is a process and a journey that we are all on.

Our relationship with our self is something that needs to be developed and strengthened over time by putting in positive energy and consistent conscious effort.

Just like you wouldn’t go to the gym once and expect a six pack, you can’t think one loving thought, and then expect to have the art of self-love totally down pat.

This is why I suggest taking baby steps towards Self-love by:

Letting go of comparison & FOWOT (Fear Of What Others Think) Comparison and FOWOT are confidence killers and self-esteem destroyers that are like a deadly poison that deteriorated our mind and our spirit. Rather than searching externally for acceptance in the opinions of others, turn that energy, focus and attention inwards and look at giving acceptance to yourself. You’ll be so much happier, healthier and more confident because of it!

Attitude of Gratitude: I vividly remember being at school in year nine, and one of my friends started complaining about her legs and how “They are so white and pasty” and how they “looked hideous in the school skirts we had to wear” then another friend chimed in “At least your legs are long and toned. My legs are short and fat” and then other girlfriend jumped in “No way, my legs are much worse than all of yours, mine are covered in scars and they bruise so easily”. I sat there listening, and shocked at the conversation that was taking place, as each of my friends took their turn at criticising their legs and outwardly expressing what they hated about them. 

Then finally I asked them “well…Imagine if you had no legs. I bet there are so many people out there who would give anything to have your legs, they wouldn’t care if they were; too long, too short, too buff, too skinny, untoned, too white, covered in scars, bruised or if they had cellulite. They’d just be so grateful to have a set of legs that could run, walk, dance and jump”. Then one by one I saw them in their head process what I had said, then nod their slowly head and agree. With a slight shift in focus, they discovered a new found gratitude and appreciation for their legs, sure they didn’t look like the legs in the magazine advertisement (no one’s ever do!) but they were MUCH better than the alternative of having no legs! 

When we stop focusing on our ‘imperfections’ and instead invest that time in being grateful and appreciative of what we do have, we realise we are so blessed and fortunate. This gratitude will lead us to a place of acceptance which is the first step towards Self-love.

Self-Care & Nurturing: Is the action of doing things that fill you up with great feelings, they are the things that feed your soul and recharge your batteries. 

Do you want to know how to fall in love with yourself? Take a moment to think what you do when you’re falling head over heels in love with someone else.

You compliment them and say all the things that are awesome about them, constantly.

You embrace those cute quirky things (that some may call ‘imperfections’) but you think they are what make them special and attractive.

You go on dates.

You buy them presents.

You write them cute love letters.

You take time out to do kind and thoughtful things for them because you know it will make them feel loved.

You basically do anything and everything you can to pour your love into them.

So if that’s what you do to show someone else that you love them, then that is exactly what you do when you want to fall head over heels in love with yourself.

So gorgeous, simply start to say kind words to yourself, learn to embrace your so called ‘flaws’ (they are what make you special, unique, loved and relatable), take yourself on dates, write a list of all the things that are awesome about you and do kind things for yourself regularly.

Self-care and self-nurturing is so essential, when you take the time to fill up your own cup, it allows you to give so much more to the people you love and also to every other aspect of your life.

Self- Love: Be conscious, say kind words to yourself and regularly acknowledge the things that you love about yourself (looks, personality and abilities).

Just remember:  Just like when you buy a brand new pair of jeans, you try them on for the first time and they don’t quite fit right, you feel a little awkward and uncomfortable. But the more time and energy you put into wearing those jeans the better they begin to feel and eventually they feel so natural and so comfortable that they feel like a second skin. Self-love is the same, at first if feels a little uncomfortable and awkward, but the more you do it the more natural the thought pattern becomes… please stick with it gorgeous!

What’s the best self-love tip you have ever heard?

Be your own best friend, always think to yourself “would I dare say this/do this to my best friend?” No? Then don’t do it to yourself!!!!

Make sure you schedule “Self-Love Activities” into your week. I religiously put Sundays aside as my day for self-love, recouping, nurturing and recharging. We call it #FSGSelfLoveSunday  If it isn’t scheduled it isn’t real, so make sure you schedule some time each week to do something nice for you! Feel free to join in the movement by taking a picture or video of your self-love activity, posting it and hash tagging #FSGselflovesunday ☺

How do you bring yourself back into your heart when you are feeling down on yourself?

I have a morning ritual that helps me stay in balance and in my heart it involves beach yoga, meditation, swimming in the ocean and mentally going through all the things I am thankful for.

However I am certainly human, and I have my moments of being off balance too, so when I catch myself being unkind  to myself or freaking out about something unnecessary, I immediately  stop what I am doing. I breathe and take a moment to get it all into perspective, “Is anyone dying or is it the end of the world?”  No, okay then it can’t be that bad. Once I get it all back into perspective I shift my attention and focus by asking “what is going great in my life right now and what am I grateful for?”

For me gratitude is the fasts way to get from my head back into my heart.  Taking some time out to go for a swim on the ocean always brings me back to the present and into my joy as well.

Well Katie, I wish I had known someone like you when I was a teenager.  Addressing all of these self-esteem issues and providing support and encouragement for girls of this age group is life-changing.  Keep up the fantastic inspiring work.  To find out more about how Katie can help you and your daughter, find out more here.



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