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"My definition of self-love is 100% self-responsibility - taking ownership for all that is occurring and stepping into empowerment."


This month's Self-love Ambassador

Self-love stories feature inspirational people who are working to promote the importance of self-love.

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April Reynolds – Manifesting Princess

After a little break, it’s time for another Self-love Ambassador and today we will hear from the lovely April Reynolds. April  is a certified Life Coach & Author of the “Manifesting Princess” series of books; Live UP to the Reputation, Create Your Own Happily Ever After, and, most recently – the Amazon Number 1 Best Seller, Illuminating Love Enlightening Your Path to Self-Love. April is a celebrated authority on Women’s self-esteem, self-love and the law of attraction.  You can find out more about April’s work here and also at her radio show here.


It can seem trite when we hear the words ‘just love yourself’. How would you suggest that someone does this if they don’t know where to start? 

Start with asking yourself “What is the one thing I can do right now to show love to myself?” and then do that one thing. Whether it’s drinking some water, or lying down for a nap, buying flowers, or sitting peacefully listening to music, just do one thing after the other, that is loving, and you’re loving yourself!

What’s the best self-love tip you have ever heard? 

Put a photo of yourself as a child on your mirror and speak to yourself as if you’re speaking to that child. It’s far easier to be loving to yourself when you see your inner-child staring back at you! Speak only loving words to that child, and you’re speaking loving words to yourself!


How do you bring yourself back into your heart when you are feeling down on yourself?

Affirmations and music.  Resting, sleeping, going for a walk on the beach. Buying fresh flowers. These always bring me back to love!  Write “I Am Enough” on the palm of your hand and look at it throughout the day. A great reminder that you truly are enough, just as you are and you’re worthy of LOVE.

Thank you so much April, that is beautiful advice and I particularly love the idea of looking at a photo of yourself as a child. That’s very powerful and a great idea!  So to find out more about April, remember to check her out here.


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