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Blake D Bauer – Self-love Seminars

Today is a special occasion as I spotlight the first male Self-love Ambassador, since I started this feature a few years ago. 

That’s not to say there aren’t many amazing men promoting the importance of self-love in their work. There absolutely are (another post coming soon). However, I have naturally been connecting with more women in this area of focus on my own self-love journey, these past 11 years or so. 

Today I am delighted to share some insights from Blake D Bauer, author of “You Were Not Born to Suffer and the facilitator of Self-love Seminars. Blake is based in Victoria, Australia, but teaches his seminars and retreats worldwide, spreading the important message of self-love.   Let’s see what Blake has to say.   You were not born to suffer

It can seem trite when we hear the words ‘just love yourself’. How would you suggest that someone does this if they don’t know where to start?

In my experience the most crucial first step is to begin expressing yourself fully and responsibly in every moment, relationship and situation. In order to do this we have to be aware of what we’re feeling, needing and wanting in the present moment before we can communicate it consciously and effectively.

So we have to ask ourselves right now, what do I feel, what do I need, and what do I want? And then, once we discover the current answers to these questions, then we must express this non-violently and respectfully by saying things like ‘I feel….’ and ‘I need….’ and  I want….’  rather than saying ‘You this…’ or ‘You that…’ which is really just blame and playing the victim.

In other words, we have to be true to ourselves each day, in every situation, rather than constantly betraying ourselves out of fear, in exchange for other people’s love, acceptance, approval and support.

What’s the best self-love tip you have ever heard?

If you are not for you, then who will be for you? And if not now, then when?

How do you bring yourself back into your heart when you are feeling down on yourself?

I take deep breaths. I listen to my body and only do what I instinctually feel good doing. I go for walks and get fresh air. But most importantly, I surrender fully in the present moment and open myself to feeling what I’m feeling fully, because by not fighting what I’m feeling, I find it passes much quicker. By accepting what I think and feel completely, I become aware of what I need to know and I find clarity around what is present.

Thank you so much Blake for sharing your wisdom today. For more about Blake’s work please see here and the link to his book here.

If you resonate with Blake, then you may be interested in attending one of his upcoming weekend retreats in Byron Bay, Australia, 6th-7th September and 6th-7th December 2014.  I’m very keen to attend one and may see you there! See below for details of the weekend.

Deep Self-Love | Mindfulness Meditation | Qi Gong Healing Exercises  

An Empowering Weekend of Deep Healing And Spiritual Practice. Discover the simple but profound reasons why all of your suffering, illness, and unhappiness are merely cries from your soul asking you to 1) fulfil your life’s purpose and 2) love, honour and value yourself in every moment and relationship.

Learn How To:
Love Yourself Practically & Unconditionally.
Heal Your Heart, Mind, Body, Life & Past.
Identify & Transform Your Limiting Beliefs.
Heal The Root Cause of Illness & Depression.
Clarify Your Direction Forward Live Fully In The Present.
Unlock Stuck Energy & Subconscious Emotion.
Fulfil Your Life’s Purpose.
Heal & Transform Your Relationships.
Reconnect with Your Infinite, Intelligent & Capable Self.
Come Home To The Source of Peace & Love Within.
Revitalise Your Body & Mind with Qi Gong & Meditation.

Booking details for September here and for December here. Check out more about Blake and his work at his site here.

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